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Practical Galvanic Series

Metal Volts
Commercially pure magnesium -1.75
Magnesium alloy (6% AL, 3% An, 0.15% Mn) -1.6
Zinc -1.1
Aluminum alloy (5% zinc) -1.05
Commercially pure aluminum -0.8
Mild steel (clean & shiny) -0.5 to -0.8
Mild steel (rusted) -0.2 to -0.5
Cast Iron (not graphitized) -0.5
Lead -0.5
Mild steel in concrete -0.2
Copper, brass, bronze -0.2
High silcon cast iron -0.2
Mill scale on steel -0.2
Carbon, graphite, coke +0.3

Typical potential normally observed in neutral soils and water, measured with respect to copper/copper sulfate reference electrode.

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